The encounter between" The conquistadors and the natives, was something more than a meeting between two expanding nations; it was the meeting of two radically dissimilar cultures." (Portilla, n.d., p.1)

How the site works:

The site consists of two parts: Source Material and Support Material. Within the source material section there are 21 artifacts. These range from letters, and Codex through to abstract art.


Within the support material section there is a selection of background material which will assist in gaining greater understanding of the purpose, origin and key features of the sources. Each piece of support material has a tag indicating the related source.

Clash of Cultures

Historical Interpretation

The source and support material contained within this web site are intended to assist you in completing Task A, B and C.


Task: You are to construct a paragraph that respond to an historical statement and sources. Historical facts gathered from your historical research (Task A) and the collection of evidence from the source collection will be incorporated into the written paragraph (Task B) and speech (Task C).